Shenandoah Tower Service Ltd (STS) is very excited to announce that on June 5th, 2017, Site Resources LLC (SRI) completed an asset purchase of STS.

Site Resources (SRI) has been serving the wireless telecommunications industry since 1998. Services include cell site construction, upgrades, expansion, audits, testing, inspections, repairs and maintenance of wireless network infrastructures. Since its founding, SRI has completed thousands of site builds for major carriers in the Southeastern USA. Maintenance and emergency repairs have been conducted throughout the USA.  Headquartered in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina with a branch office in Orlando, Florida, and now Staunton Virginia, SRI serves Fortune 500 clients with the highest standards of service, workmanship, and innovation available in the wireless industry.

Combining Shenandoah Tower with Site Resources results in a much larger company able to effectively complete work from north of Virginia all the way down to southern Florida.  Our founder, Dave Anthony has been looking for the perfect partner to take over the business for a few years now and when he saw that SRI’s culture of safety and quality matched the STS culture, he knew he had found the perfect partner.

For more information about Site Resources LLC, please see the website at: