1. Every job we do is guaranteed to be to your satisfaction.
  2. STS is an experienced company. We’ve been going strong since 1983.
  3. STS is a Veteran-owned firm.
  4. Our CEO has over 40 years of telecom experience.
  5. We’re a drug-free workplace and that is strictly enforced.
  6. We do not allow alcohol abuse by our employees.
  7. STS complies with all DOT rules and regulations.
  8. Every vehicle driver is licensed and insured.
  9. We comply with all applicable OSHA rules and regulations.
  10. STS is a charter member of the National Association of Tower Erectors.
  11. Our CEO has served 5 terms on the NATE Board of Directors.
  12. STS is an Equal Opportunity Employment firm.
  13. All tower technicians are authentic STS employees.
  14. All tower technicians are fully insured.
  15. All tower technicians are carefully selected for their quality of character.
  16. Every climber is a trained and certified-climber.
  17. Every crew has certified tower rescue members on it.
  18. Every crew has certified CPR First Aid members on it.
  19. All equipment and tools are inspected and in good working order before being utilized on site.
  20. The experience of the average crew chief exceeds 5 years.
  21. STS is properly licensed or registered in every state where we do business. Those states are VA, MD, PA, WV, NC, and D.C.
  22. STS is fully insured in every state where we do business.
  23. STS is fully insured for every action we take on your site.
  24. STS employees are properly trained and supervised for the work they perform on your site.
  25. STS self-performs all tower work needed on your project.
  26. STS bids the job with experience and attention to detail. We know what it takes to get the job done and do not rely on change orders to make ends meet.
  27. STS’ first priority on any job is the safety of everyone involved.
  28. STS’ second priority on any job is to build enduring relationships.
  29. STS’ third priority on any job is to execute it excellently.
  30. STS cares more about your job being done right than we do about how much money we make.
  31. STS has the right people, doing the right things, achieving the best results!